Our Veterans

Veterans of the United Sates Armed Forces deserve to be honored and recognized for responding to the call of duty to serve the American people during times of both war and peace. RPM is fortunate to have a number of military veterans in our community of employees. We’re grateful for their efforts and sacrifices, and are honored to have them in our family.

Peter Barnes US Marine Corps
Emily Boyd US Navy (Pictured)
Syni Brent US Air Force
Larry Davenport US Air Force
Stephany Fortner US Air Force
David Garrett US Navy (Pictured)
Terrance Hamilton US Air Force
Ken Kuhn US Marine Corps
Paul F. Lawrence US Marine Corps (Pictured)
Truong Luu US Army (Pictured)
Scott McCarty US Navy
Dave Myster US Navy (Pictured)
Jeffrey Parks US Army (Pictured)
Michael Perel US Marine Corps (Pictured)
Joe Slobodzien US Navy (Pictured)