Our History

  • In 1995, Rob and Tracey Hirt asked one another "what if…?" and, inspired to create a mortgage business unlike any other, started a company where the loan advisors were the primary customer and sales and marketing laid the foundations for success.

    Today, RPM Mortgage, the result of the Hirts' vision and hard work, is an independently owned and operated residential mortgage lending company with more than 800 loan agents and employees. Each loan advisor and employee is enabled to provide better results for residential lending customers.

    The "Can Do, Will Do" service ethos we've come to be recognized for has been part of Rob and Tracey's personal style since the outset of their careers. It's now deeply engrained in the culture and performance of everyone at RPM, making our past a defining aspect of our future.

    • RPM's Beginnings

      Rob Hirt began his career in the mortgage industry as a loan advisor in San Francisco. In 1991, Rob invested in a small, start-up mortgage company – Residential Pacific Mortgage. Then, in 1996, Rob was awarded the ownership rights to re-acquire Residential Pacific Mortgage.
    • Keeping Pace with Industry Demands

      With over 60 RPM branch locations throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado, RPM has been able to adapt with the increasing demand in the industry. Through this expansion, we have developed our expertise and knowledge of each area allowing us to better serve our consumers. RPM also began its own private mortgage banking operation to push loans through the system more quickly, accurately, and safely.
    • Leadership During Difficult Times

      It’s no secret the housing market took a massive hit in the late 2000s. But RPM was able to adapt and prevail due to Rob and Tracey’s planning, making necessary changes, and adjusting to the flow of the market. With a constant goal in mind of owning their own buildings and increasing borrowers’ satisfaction, RPM was able to stay on track to making this a reality. They hired on over 100 new employees despite the strained economy, and, in the end, reached their goals. The company has grown, prospered, and become stronger because of the obstacles they were able to overcome.
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