Technology Innovations

RPM Mortgage, Inc. strives to provide the best solutions and resources
to its loan advisors. RPM’s Nexus – Nova is one of its proprietary systems
that allows loan advisors to deliver the best possible service to their
realtor partners and customers. Our technological advances allow us to
stand out in a crowded marketplace and offer unique features for quickly
and efficiently executed loans.

NEXUS Nova Offers:
• A CRM that integrates with closed loan data
• Real-time market updates
• The most compliant technology solution in the marketplace, solving CFPB and Dodd-Frank regulatory requirements
• Integrated data solutions for prospecting, pricing, credit, flood and fraud
• Combination of origination and operations into one, easy-to-use platform
• Provides custom 360 degree views of the Pipeline and loan

RPM also offers:
• GFExpress — Quick, seamless processing of disclosure documents within RESPA regulations for initial disclosures and CIC’s
• RPM Appraisal Services, Inc. — Appraisal management resources exclusive to RPM Mortgage

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