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  • Buying A New Home? Faster Results for Experienced Home Buyers.

    Home Buying Simplicity
    As an experienced buyer, you deserve the most personalized service and the right resources to make the mortgage lending process a smooth one. Our independently owned and operated in-house financing model and experienced local staff are just two of the RPM Mortgage advantages available to ensure your real estate success.

    RPM advantages for Experienced Home Buyers
    • Experienced loan advisors who will answer your questions about financing another home
    • Wide-range of programs to match your home purchase goals
    • Fast results thanks to RPM’s in-house processing, underwriting and funding
    • A level of service and support unmatched by regional lenders or big banks
    • Innovative technology that keeps you informed and on top of the mortgage lending experience

    In hopes of winning your trust and your long-term business, RPM Mortgage offers you the resources, stability and security you’re looking for. Whether you’re buying a dream home, an investment property or a vacation home, RPM is with you every step of the way.

    • Moving to a New Home

      Moving up, downsizing or relocating? However classified, changing the place you call home can be a stressful experience, even when everything goes well. RPM has the programs and knows the strategies to help assure a smooth transition. Perhaps you will need the proceeds of the sale of your existing home to fund the down payment for the new place? Maybe you’ll require our exclusive bridge loan financing to make the timing of your move work? You might even be considering holding onto your home and renting it out, thus diversifying into real estate investment? Whatever your aspiration, we can assist with the vital information and service to help it all come together.
    • Vacation Homes

      If you’ve ever been in the middle of a hectic work day and found yourself vividly recalling the vacations of your childhood, maybe it’s because you also hold onto the dream of someday owning a secondary residence. That dream might be closer to reality than you know. We finance a great many vacation homes here at RPM, often at identical rates and terms to those available on a primary residence. But understanding the financial aspects of owning an additional piece of property, and exactly how a lender will classify and qualify such a residence, should always involve a careful discussion with a mortgage professional first. If the ocean, mountains or a quiet place in the country are calling, we’re here to answer.
    • Investment Properties

      Ask any seasoned and successful investor and you are almost certain to hear that real estate occupies some part of his or her diversified portfolio. Generation of rental income and potential for price appreciation are just two of the reasons the financially savvy have always been attracted to owning real estate as an investment. And whether your goal is to eventually own an empire or simply rent and manage your previous residence, the process of financing a rental home will undoubtedly differ from any previous encounter you may have had with the mortgage finance world. Along with your real estate professional, we can help you complete the careful analysis necessary to determining the potential benefit of your investment, and we can help you obtain the home loan that will start you on your path to the financial independence you seek.